Kumihimo Earrings

We have had several great kumihimo blog posts about everything John Bead has to get you started making necklaces and bracelets.  These earring are what you can make with any extra kumihimo braid you have.  In fact, you might make a longer braid now in order to make matching earrings.

I used these small Pewter End Caps to make my earring attachment.

When you want to cut a kumihimo braid you need to tie off a section so it doesn’t unravel too much. This is the first time I wanted to let my rattail ends remain un-braided as part of my finished earrings.  I needed to cover up that tied off section.

I used a closed jump ring to make it look finished. I glued it in place with Hypo Cement which also kept the braid from unraveling in the future.

All you need now is an earring hook!

Earring Hooks

Hypo Cement


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